The event, which was coordinated by influential homesteaders, aimed to educate both new and experienced people on the sustainable lifestyle. There were live demonstrations and presentations throughout the day, as well as various vendors (including HISEA) who provided resources to help with homesteading. HISEA offers practical, protective footwear for the everyday homesteader with our waterproof boots. HISEA’s sponsorship and participation in the Okie Homesteading Expo further support the lifestyle.

Brief Intro. Of The Okie Homesteading Expo

The Okie Homesteading Expo was created to provide education and support for those interested in the lifestyle, and it was a momentous success! Over 4,000 people who work on a farm or own a farm themselves attended. Eventgoers had the opportunity to experience demonstrations on pork curing, food preservation, livestock care, soapmaking, and more. There were giveaways held throughout the day totaling over $15,000 in prize value. It was a family-friendly event and featured a Kids Corner with games, a petting zoo, and pony rides.

The Okie Homesteading Expo is hosted by YouTube homesteading influencers Keeping it Dutch and Hidden Heights Farm. Presenters included those from Hand Hewn Farm, Cog Hill Family Farm, Arms Family Homestead, and The Mac.

2022 Okie Homesteading Expo Attendees

Participation of the events

HISEA’s booth displayed our line of work boots and gave eventgoers the chance to try them out in person. People were pleased with the quality and comfort of the boots. HISEA’s work boots are the perfect match for homesteaders because they are designed to handle the homesteading environment. Muddy fields and livestock pens are no problem for HISEA’s work boots; they are waterproof, insulated, and provide great shock absorption. HISEA knows that farming is a rain or shine job for homesteaders, and our work boots are fit for the task.

Expert Time

HISEA is honored to be a part of the success of the 2022 Okie Homesteading Expo. Homesteaders understand the importance of a good pair of boots; HISEA strives to create exactly that. The event provided useful information to those who follow the lifestyle and hopefully inspired a whole new generation of homesteaders. Follow the event page on Facebook to keep up to date with updates on next year’s event. In the meantime, support your homesteading adventures with a pair of HISEA work boots!

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