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Reviews From Testers

Cheri Branum bclbho***[email protected] I am on my feet for 9+ hours a day at work. These are the best light weight and comfortable work shoes ever. These are the only shoes I will ever wear at work. Thank you Hisea.
Dina Morgan my***[email protected] As someone who has chronic knee & hip pain a LIGHTWEIGHT shoe is so important! These were extremely lightweight!Almost as great as barefoot!I am a property manager which has indoor & outdoor tasks throughout the day with lots of stairs. This is a beautiful work shoe! I was so surprised at how comfortable they are! Thank you for allowing me to participate in this test.
Angela ang***[email protected] Absolutely love wearing them so comfortable and easy to slip on. Raining out and wet great weather resistant shoes thats for sure. The lace up is a bonus no messy laces. Really enjoying wearing.
Dereck Roderick dereckro***[email protected] These shoes are awesome! I work in a kitchen and I usually have to size up to be comfortable and these I don't have to. My feet are comfy and stay super dry while I'm washing the dishes. I've also had several complements on them with the orange stripe. They like them!! If I needed to buy non-slip work shoes I would go for these.
Heidi Young young***[email protected] Seriously, these may be the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. I wore them all day while climbing ladders, stairs, walking on some slick surfaces and even while doing my nighly steps on the treadmill. They are super lightweight and the insoles are cushy memory foam. I had no slippage issues or achy feet at the end of the day. Also, I can wear these as slip-ons, which is my preference. I think these are a nice looking pair of work shoes at a reasonable price.
Vicky Brooks vickyb***[email protected] I received these Hisea work shoes in exchange for my honest review. These shoes are great for working in the garden, doing yard work or even taking a walk around the block. The memory foam really cushions each step and I like that the shoes don’t have to be tied. They are easy to slip on and off and allow you to get right to work. They have a nice grip tread on the bottom that is great for helping with stability and traction. This feature enhances safety when walking in different terrains. I highly recommend these shoes for anyone who works outdoors or enjoys spending time outside.
Madison Omo madi***[email protected] They are amazingly light, and super comfortable. So far I think they are pretty supportive, though for my feet personally would like more arch support. I noticed the soft fabric part of the exterior attracts and gets some debris stuck to it, and looks like it might be prone to pilling. I like how easy they are to slip on and off, and the draw string laces are great. They are super grippy on the bottom! As someone who's done a lot of waitressing these would be great for that, though I would suggest and all black option as well. Overall they are a very attractive and functional shoe!
Amy Brickner amyb***[email protected] I like them. It's currently in and out of mud season here
Chris Perry Cpe***[email protected] Extremely easy to put on. You don't even need to use your hands. For someone whoe has a lot of pain in their feet and legs. The shoes are very comfortable, great insole. Feels like I'm walking on clouds. While they appear a little bulky the shoes are actually lightweight and very sturdy. I use them for outdoor/ gardening. They are not boots yet then stay on and don't slip even with a lot of hard work. The material is easy to clean and need as rinse with the hose after working in the yard all day.
Jennie Lallande jennie.lal***[email protected] The shoes are super lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The memory foam soles are great! They provide a good amount of bounce in the step, and the memory foam padding on the collar supports your ankles and feels like a little hug for your feet! Excellent slip resistance and wearability!
Taylor Hilbrands hilbrands.***[email protected] I enjoy these shoes very much, I love how these shoes are nice and light and slip on. The cushion memory foam is wonderful and so nice to walk on which makes the shoes so nice to wear. They are very wonderful being non-slip shoes as wearing them outside where we get ice and snow to be able to walk across the ice and not be slipping and feeling safe walking across ice. I do over all really enjoy these shoes and can't wait to continue to wear them.

Reviews From Testers

Brad Sanders b***[email protected] I received the Hisea boots a few days ago and have worn them as often as I could to give you my honest thoughts. When first putting them on I found the insoles felt unusual since they weren't flat, and worried they'd be uncomfortable after extended periods. Turns out, after a few minutes, it wasn't noticeable at all. I used them tending chickens, working on the coop, and while splitting kindling Saturday. I decided to wear them all day Saturday, to test long wear periods, and I was impressed. I never experienced any water leakage. Luckily, I didn't need to test the steel toe, but felt confident while working around heavy objects that I'd be protected. My feet stayed dry, even from sweat, which surprised me as well. Good boot socks (Carhartt) were worn during wear.
Erick Garcia cu***[email protected] I received the boots this past weekend and have been using around our farm this week. They seem to be well made and are comfortable.
Kodi Bates bates***[email protected] The fit runs slightly large in my opinion. This may be because the size 11 neoprene boots I have from Hisea are insulated but the rubber boots are a bit looser. Still comfortable and leave no blisters even when worn walking for a few miles. The insole is especially nice due to the padding on pressure point areas of the feet. I love the green coloring of the rubber. The boots are absolutely waterproof and fare well in terrible conditions (muddy manure that is partially/fully frozen). The tread pattern holds traction very well and I’m very pleased with the overall thickness of the sole. I am not worried about punctures from nails, staples etc… while wearing. The steel toe is also helpful when dealing with overzealous goats at feeding time as I wasn’t worried about being stepped on. I’m not sure that would hold up to large livestock (cows, horses) but for a 250lb goat they get an A+. Electrical impedance is superior to my neoprene boots. I don’t have any exact measurements on that other than this crazy farmer didn’t feel as big of a poke when touching the electric fence with the Steel Toe work boots. I think that’s all I have. Overall an excellent work boot for spring/summer/fall.
Bradley Garman Kod***[email protected] Warm & dry, I tested these boots with regular socks & heavyweight socks, even with just regular socks my feet stayed warm & dry, they are also very comfortable, I used them when I had to plow snow & they have great traction & my feet stayed dry & warm. I would highly recommend these boots. Thank you for choosing me to test them.
Harrell Hinton rocket***[email protected] I received the boot. They fit and wear more comfortable than i thought they would be. We had a big snow and they kept my feet DRY. I have not had any IMPACT to the boots yet. I am a maintenance technician. I work on electric furnaces during the day at 240 volts. I never received ELECTRICAL SHOCK during the time I was wearing the boots. I have rubber hunting boots that are similar to Hisea rubber boots. Your boots were a little heavier than my hunting boots. It might be because of the steel toes.
chris edwards ce***[email protected] they keep my feet dry and very comfortable they resist voltage easy to slide on and go.they keep your feet warm when it's cold I recommend them to eole to buy and with lifetime warranty it's worth the price you pay Thank you hisea for letting me product test your boots I will test again if you need me thank you .