About us

HISEA was established in 2011 by a group of fly fishing enthusiastics, we have been fly fishing for over 10 years and decide to have a brand of our own. 

Breathable PVC chest waders is our very first product focusing on fly fishing, we started selling them on Amazon since 2013 and gained big success and was picked as Amazon's choice till now, we sold thoudsand pairs that year and extened our way to the outdoor world and utility field in 2019.

In July, 2018, a reviewed was submitted in our product listing page on Amazon, our waders saved a colleage student's life. (Check the review)

Now we are fowarding our steps to outdoor and utility field and aim to build a brand to provide sturdy and protective waders and boots to those who needed it! 


Join our Inner Cycle group and grow with us! We have prepared brand exlcusive items only for our inner cycle members! 

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