Waders are now used in many circumstances, basically, everyone needs a pair of waders, while many people may not know how to pick the waders that perfect for themselves. After reading this post, you will have the basics to pick the perfect waders for you!

3 Steps Guide for you: 

1. Choose your material

Basically there two common materials for waders, 4.5 mm neoprene and 70D Nylon, we made a chart to show the pros and cons of each material:

2. Pick a Type

Chest Waders

  • Equipped with a wading belt, allowing users to wade to above wastewater.
  • The best waterfowl waders.


Hip Waders


3. Select your features

X-Back Strap​ ​

Maximum mobility, perfect for on the job support. A must-have feature for the hardworking farmer. Prevents slipping, & constant readjustment, ensuring you get the most out of your workday. A snug fit increases comfort, & eliminates abrasion from prolonged movement.

Adjustable Quick Release Suspender ​

Supreme comfort & usability. Durable quick-release buckles allow quick changing & adjustment. An added safety feature for stream fisherman at risk of an overwhelming current.

Move-Freely & Reinforced Knees ​

Maximizes mobility, with added protection & comfort. Great for utility use. Perfect for dirty jobs that require rigorous movement. Farmers & laborers will benefit from this feature.

Built-in Zippered Pocket​

Secured storage. Large user-friendly pockets are essential for fishermen & hunters. Perfect storage location for ammunition or small tackle. Easy to access when multitasking.

Steel Toe boots​

​Industrial grade protection for farming & utility use. Designed for the workplace. Durable & reliable, also a great choice for some of the best hunting boots.

Slip-resistant Rubber Boots​

Insulated rubber hunting boots. Increased safety from slips & falls makes these essential for farmers working around equipment or slick surfaces. Tough rubber sole, great for walking on lake & river bottoms. An excellent choice for hunting and fishing.



Attached boots Eliminate the “sloshing” noise allowing quieter movements out of water. Perfect for jump shooting waterfowl. Lighter, and more mobile than separated boots.


Sock-like feet allow boots to be separate from waders, ensuring maximum comfort during prolonged periods of standing. A safer alternative to boot foot waders, allowing the user to shed boots in the event of an emergency. The best option for fishermen.

Color Scheme​ ​

A variety of color options ensure the best chance to
match your environment or personal style​ Irish


Helpful Reminders


​Check the manufacturer’s sizing charts & make sure you know your accurate measurements. Slightly longer inseams improve the longevity of your waders since they reduce the strain on the seams


Stockingfoot waders are machine washable with a gentle
cycle. Hand washes boot foot waders with warm water & soap for the
same results.


​Make sure your waders are completely dry before
storing them. This prevents mold & deterioration. A special
waterproofing spray can help maintain their hydrophobic coating.


If you need any advice on picking the right waders, feel free to contact us: [email protected]!